This email wasn't part of the Nigerian Prince scam.  This email was legitimately worth millions of dollars.

One of the longest-running email scams is no doubt the one where a Nigerian Prince emails an American asking for help with a little foreign money exchange which would result in you receiving boatloads of cash.  That's not what this Oakland County, Michigan found in her spam folder.

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According to the Michigan Lottery website, Laura Spears, no relation to Britney, purchased a Mega Million lottery ticket online on December 31st, 2021.  She later noticed it was a huge jackpot but shrugged it off since she hadn't received an email to let her know that it was time to quit her job.

Recently she was digging through her spam folder in search of an email from a friend when she stumbled upon an email from the Michigan Lottery.  Spears matched numbers on 5 white balls which meant that she won $1 million.  That's pretty amazing. She actually ended up with $3 million because of the Megaplier.

Spears had the same reaction when she saw the email in her spam folder as most of us would have, shock and disbelief.  Her next move was to log into her Michigan Lotto account to confirm this wasn't a hoax or email scam.  She did in fact confirm the win on the website.

If you receive an email that says you're a winner, don't click any links in the email as this can be a common email phishing scam, which is why these types of emails end up in your spam folder.  Do what Laura did, log into your account or contact the source, in this case, the Michigan Lottery, to confirm the email is real and that you can now afford a bunch of jet skis.

Congrats to the lucky winner.

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