In Michigan driving should be considered a sport. Maybe not even one? Let's see what games we play when we're behind the wheel every day:

Michigan Driving Olympic Summer Events

  1. Slalem Pothole Evasion
  2. Construction Zone Shuttle Runs
  3. Orange Barrel Relay
  4. The Hold My Beer Power Slide
  5. He Went Doing What He Loved Mud Bog

Michigan Driving Olympic Winter Events

  1. Car Curling on Ice
  2. 500 Meter Skid
  3. I94 Speed Skate
  4. Highway Offramp Luge
  5. Icy Parking Lot Freestyle

Michigan might give us 3 to 5 days of perfect driving conditions, so the rest of the time we have to keep our heads on a swivel looking out for whatever she may throw at us. We are so well versed in dealing with the Mitten State road conditions and the change in season that we remind one another every year "4-wheel drive doesn't mean 4-wheel brakes".

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Why do we need reminding? Summer brain. We forget. We get construction zone fatigue, so when the weather does turn bad, it coincides with construction zones disappearing and we now have the ability to go faster but lack the seasonal intelligence to realize that we shouldn't.

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With all of these factors plaguing our daily commutes and road trips, one has to wonder: "Why don't we look out for each other when we are on the road?".  Most of the things listed on Michigan Motorist's Top 13 Pet Peeves had to do with people not obeying just the 'rules of the road', but directly breaking the law.

We asked, and you answered! Here are Michigan Motorist's Top 13 Pet Peeves:

HONK! Michigan Motorists Top 13 Pet Peeves

What irritates Michigan drivers most? Other drivers! Here's what you might be doing that explains why the passing car is giving you the evil eye:

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