Can I start out by saying I will never ever ride in a self driving car. Some may feel safe NOT behind the wheel, but not me.

Now on with the big news:

According to, "Michigan announced this week that it's teaming with tech and auto companies to attempt to retrofit a roughly 40 mile stretch of two roads outside Detroit exclusively for self driving vehicles."

My question is, are we ready for self driving cars?

"Both interstate 94 and Michigan Avenue between Detroit and Ann Arbor would be retrofitted to include a dedicated lane for self driving vehicles. Sensors and cameras added to the roads would help the vehicles better understand their surroundings." (

Physical barriers may be added as well, which would make it easier for the vehicles to drive safely, as the location of pedestrians and cyclists could be restricted. (good idea)

Automakers and tech companies are working with Michigan to dedicate lanes outside Detroit to self driving vehicles.

The leaders of the Michigan project haven't concluded exactly which infrastructure changes will be made. Testing is needed first to determine the details.

"The project's exact route also hasn't been determined yet. Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners would pay the still to be determined initial costs to install the new infrastructure, and Michigan is open to the possibility of paying for maintenance costs if the project moves forward." (

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