The Tequila business has become a celebrity business.  Many actors and musicians who have a love for the drink are now bottling and selling their own brands.

If you are wondering, Michigan ranks 33rd in States that drink the most Tequila.  A number a few of us Tequila lovers are trying to change.

Some folks got into the Tequila game early on, like Carlos Santana.  The musician, after visiting the distillery, said he immediately felt spiritually connected to the family who runs the  distillery and to the Casa Nobel brand.   Santana hooked up with the brand Casa Noble in the late 1990' s and became a part owner in 2011.  This brand has won gold twice at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

In 2009 two musicians launched their Tequila's.  Rapper P. Diddy bought 50% of premium Tequila brand DeLeon.   Justin Timberlake worked with a distillery to come up with his Suaza 901 Tequila for his entry into the celeb Tequila industry.

Singer Toby Keith's Tequila comes with a little worm which he insists you must eat.

George Clooney and friend Randy Gerber, who is married to model Cindy Crawford, went on a Tequila odyssey to create a spirit that was not only smooth to drink, but was hang-over free.  The 2 would bottle one thousand bottles of their Tequila every year and give to friends and families, but soon that was not enough and the Casamigos brand was launched to the public.  Clooney and Garber then sold their Tequila for 1 billion dollars.

In 2016 Rockers AC/DC launched Thunderstruck Tequila named after their hit 'Thunderstruck".

Sammy Hagar has really hit gold in the Tequila industry.  The Cabo Wabo brand Tequila was a huge hit and he sold it for $80 million dollars.  Not done yet with Tequila, Hagar teamed up with Maroon 5 singer  Adam Levine.  The 2 couldn't agree whether to make Tequila or mezcal so they mixed the two for a wonderful Tequila.  Hagar also worked with the Food Networks Guy Fieri on a Tequila.

The 'Rock' Dwayne Johnson got into the Tequila business just last year with his own brand.

   For more celebs with Tequila brands go check out  the drink business 

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