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A class-action lawsuit on behalf of Flint residents whose health was compromised due to contaminated water is moving forward. The Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the suit against former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and various public officials will proceed. The court voted 4-2 in favor of Flint residents.

“Plaintiffs in this case raise some of the most disturbing allegations of malfeasance by government actors in Michigan’s history,” Justice Richard Bernstein said.

The city of Flint switched its water source to the Flint River in 2014 without properly treating it in order to avoid the corrosive effect it would have on Flint's decades-old infrastructure. This caused lead to leach into the city's drinking water system, and in turn, sickened many Flint residents.

Former Governor Rick Snyder, two former Flint city managers appointed by Snyder, and public agencies that inaccurately assured the public that the drinking water was safe have been named in the lawsuit.

“Defendants have fought plaintiffs every step of the way by attempting to foreclose their lawsuit through procedural grounds. Yet, the people of Flint have endured, and they now ask for an opportunity to be heard,” Bernstein said. “The judiciary should be the one governmental institution that hears their grievances and affords them the opportunity to at least proceed with their case.”


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