Michigan State University and the college hockey world mourns the loss of one of its biggest icons.

Ron Mason died early Monday morning in Haslett at 76 from an apparent heart attack.

Ron Mason left behind a legacy that one wouldn't or couldn't fathom unless they witnessed it.

MSU coach Tom Anastos, who starred as a player under Mason from 1981 to 1985 said, "What made Ron really good is he had an uncanny ability to know how to use his players, put players together with their strengths and motivate them.  I think more than anything, being able to motivate your athletes is critical, and he was really good at that."

Tom also said, "he didn't care if you liked him or you loved him.  You respected him, for sure."   Check out the great article in the Lansing State Journal in honor of the late Michigan State Hockey coach, Ron Mason.