If you're a Michigan State University student preparing for a move to East Lansing, be prepared, you have a lot to get ready for.

According to the Lansing State Journal, expect this academic year to be busy as thousands of students adjust to drastic changes in the city and on campus.

The city's downtown business district has been a construction zone for months as crews make way for luxurious housing complexes and new businesses.

And MSU officials overhauled the school's leadership by welcoming Samuel L Stanley Jr., formerly of Stony Brook University, as their new president.

MSU students can move into their residence halls by the end of this month.  Students who join the university's Welcome Team can move in early and get free food.

MSU students need to know several things about parking in downtown East Lansing.  There are ramps and meters that take debit and credit cards.  Please click on the above link to know the ins and  outs of housing and more.