My wife and I are huge Michigan State Basketball fans. We try to watch as many MSU basketball games as possible every year.

We love coach Tom Izzo because he knows basketball and he is simply one of the best college basketball coaches out there.

This past weekend MSU played against Northwestern at home and we lost that game by a score of 64-62. (how did that happen?)

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One of the things our boys need to work on is turnovers. There have been too many of them over the last several games. Turnovers can cost you the game and that's exactly what happened playing against Northwestern.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

MSU possesses a sterling 14-3 record and Saturday's loss to the Wildcats was its first in the Big Ten, but you wouldn't necessarily think that listening to Izzo or taking a look at the downward trend in the Spartans' ball-handling numbers.

If we can improve on turnovers, then that will help our MSU basketball team in transition and help us score bigger numbers.

We all know that coach Izzo wants to see his players improve, that's a given. You can always tell when Izzo is upset by looking at his facial expressions during each home game.

The Lansing State Journal helps us out by breaking down the turnover numbers:

MSU is averaging a Big Ten-worst 14.5 turnovers per game, with Hoggard (2.5/game) and Walker (2.3/game) leading the Spartans in giveaways. They combined for five turnovers against Northwestern, four vs. Minnesota on Jan. 12, nine against Nebraska on Jan. 5 (seven by Hoggard) and four against Northwestern on Jan. 2.

Coach Tom Izzo would just like to see less turnovers from his point guards and better games down the long basketball road. GO GREEN!

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