Michiganders jump at just about any chance to enjoy a beverage outdoors, and if you don't believe me check Instagram, Facebook, and the Social Media Platform Formerly Known as Twitter for pictures of your fellow Great Lakes State and you'll find thousands of examples of people doing just that.

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Whether it's that first cup of coffee in the morning, the afternoon walks with a latte, or shivering outside while you and your drink hide from your family...slipping...slowly...don't want to set off the motion sensor, it seems as though consuming liquids outdoors is a part of our DNA.

Michigan Social Districts Open Up Possibilities and Options For a Night Out

Have you ever been to a bonfire without a Caprisun AT MINIMUM? How about a track meet without Gatorade? If you have then you've been very, very thirsty. We

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We need to stroll with our stout, walk with our wine, and tip-toe with our mojitos in Michigan and, thankfully, there are a slew of places to do it!

Michigan's social districts have allowed approved villages, towns, and cities across the state to open specific areas where legally purchased drinks may be taken from establishment to establishment. In simpler terms, you can take your beer for a bull session outside.

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I highly recommend these areas because their governments rallied to support their businesses with a feature that will bring people from out of the area to explore. Plus, for those coming home for a long break, taking your big night out to a social district increases your chances of running into people you haven't seen! Let's take a look at

Cheers! A County by County Look at Michigan's Social Districts

Social districts allow approved and licensed villages, townships, and cities to allow patrons to walk from establishment to establishment with alcohol purchased from a specially designated cup within a certain geographic area.
Of course, the legalities are much more complicated and if you'd like to read them, click here. If not read on for a county-by-county, alphabetical look at all 108 of Michigan's social districts.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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