Despite the fact that fall has been very mild this year, we all know that winter is doing pushups and is getting ready to kick our butt. We get a ton of snow each winter season and you can check out the average snowfall amounts by city in Michigan, if you are planning on doing some fun, outdoor, winter activities.

What types of family activitities do you and your family like to do in the snow? Do you like cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding or walks in the woods in the snow? If so, Michigan is the place to be. How about downhill skiing? If you want to try something new, skiing could be that fun new hobby for you and the fam that you have been looking for.

I used to snowboard when I was growing up, it's been 28 years since I have been on a slope. The thing about snowboarding I liked was knowing that both feet were secured to one object, the snowboard. I've never tried skiing. It always intimadated me. How in the heck am I going to control both feet, secured to two different boards? To this day, I still would like to try skiing. I've been told it's easier then snowboarding. As I get older, so does my body and recuperiation time can be lengthy.

I'm planning on taking my family to the slope for a fun day to try something new. My wife has skiing experience and I am going to trust her to help me and the kids out so we can get up on our skis.

We have some cool ski resorts that are close to mid Michigan and they are good for beginners, I'll be visiting one of these.

9 Great Ski Resorts For the Skilled, Beginners and Families

Apple Mountain - 4519 North River Road, Freeland, MI  48623 - (888) 781-6789

Mt. Holly Ski and Snowboard Resort - 13536 South Dixie Highway, Holly, MI  48442 - (248) 634-8269

Cannonsburg Ski and Ride Area - 6800 Cannonsburg Road, Belmont, MI  49306 - (618) 874-6711

Alpine Valley Ski Area - 6775 East Highland Road, White Lake, MI  48383 - (248) 887-2180

Silver Ridge Resort - 1001 Mott Mountain, Farwell, MI  48622 - (989) 588-7220

Pine Knob Ski and Snowboard Resort - 7778 Sashabaw Road, Clarkston, MI  48348 - (248) 625-0800

BIttersweet Ski Area - 600 River Road, Otsego, MI  49078 - (269) 694-2032

Snow Snake Ski & Golf - 3407 East Mannsiding Rd., Harrison, MI  48625 - (989) 539-6583

Timber Ridge Ski Area - 07500 23 1/2 Street, Gobles, MI  49055 - (269) 694-9449

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