Sez who? Some horror fan living in his mom's basement? A paranormal investigator? A local news team? No on all counts. This revelation has been reported on the website, proven by all the horror movies that have been shot in Michigan or have been based in or on Michigan tales.

And why wouldn't they be? Michigan has thousands of paranormal rumors, urban legends, mythical creatures (as well as real ones), and plenty of ghost sightings and spooky, unexplainable otherworldly occurrences.

Filming in Michigan – or basing their story in Michigan – has been utilized in many a scary movie: Scream 4, the Evil Dead films, Intruder, Mosquito, It Follows, Don't Breathe, Barbaraian, and The Wretched among many others.

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But the amount of actual Michigan hauntings far outweigh the number of scary movies that have been Michigan-based. Out of Michigan's thousands of paranormal legends, some of the most famous ones include the following dozen examples:

A Dozen Examples Why Michigan is Called America's Most Haunted State

and oh my gosh, SO many more locations.

Michigan's haunted legends have been circulating for many years, with more and more film makers looking to our state for story inspiration and filming locations. With our rich history of defunct lumber and mining camps, urban legends and Native American lore, it's not surprising that a good portion of America believes Michigan is the country's Number One Most Haunted State.

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