There are a lot of noises people can tolerate while getting some sleep. Heck, some folks need something in the background: a fan, an air purifier, TV static, or even the TV playing overnight.

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Then there are the sounds that make you rise to your feet like a ninja: a child crying, breaking glass, or a cat throwing up (which should be made into an alarm tone)(Patent Pending).

The 3rd class of evening audio emissions is the kind of noise that makes you think about smothering someone or something: the sound of your significant other or a dog snoring. If you've never suffered through an evening of trying to catch some sleep between what sounds like a bear taking the Sprite Challenge then you are truly blessed.

There is no shortage of actual snoring videos that show exactly how difficult it is to sleep when someone is firing up their nasal chainsaw. This next one captures it perfectly.

So what are you to do in Michigan if you are coupled with someone who sounds like a lawnmower being waterboarded? Some couples have opted for 'Sleep Divorce' and catch their z's in separate rooms. Some have found better slumber with a better mattress (I looked, but none of them come with an eject button).

Where Did Michigan Rank in the Heaviest Snoring States in the US?

If you snore or love someone who does, you're not alone, but you're also not in the state with most log-sawing sleepers. Michigan falls right in the middle of the pack when comes to intermittent shut-eye, but if you're looking for someone who really understands your pain, try friending someone from the Snoring Capitol of the United States.

Which State Has the Most Snorers? Ranking States A to ZZZZZ's

Wondering if your state is sawing the most logs on 3rd shift? MattressNextDay used data from Statista to determine which part of the United States had the highest percentage of ADMITTED snorers. Let's count down to the state that has the loudest sleep, as we Rank States A to ZZZZZ's.

If you'd like to get some tips on how to quit snoring, check out's tips for a better night's sleep.

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