Ah, yes...the post office.

Even though many people pay bills electronically, text, e-mail, instant message, Facebook, whatever.....it's still a kick to get a letter, check, package, or birthday card in the regular mail. No doubt about it.

I don't envy postal workers...sometimes their jobs are thankless and unappreciated by the rest of us. Sure, we enjoy getting our mail-ordered packages from Amazon (or wherever) and whoop for joy when we see the mail person come to our door with a package or two.

I for one am grateful to all the mail carriers we have...and to my local post office who has always done an awesome job handling my mail. So here's to all the Michigan mail people and the post offices...I'm tipping my coffee cup to you!

Now take a look at some of Michigan's old post offices in the photo gallery below, going as far back as the 1800s!



(All photos available @ worthpoint.com)


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