There are always scams that go around our area but now Michigan police are warning people of two scams in our area. Usually I alert you of scams in our area but these two are happening often enough that the state police are also alerting people so they can be stopped. Both scams are different in nature but could affect people's credit scores as well as identity.

First, this scam is affecting people's safety and personal information as MSP are alerting people to watch out for suspicious or unwanted packages delivered to your door. The reason for this is because scammers often take personal information from unsuspecting people and order items that are eventually sent to your door. Scammers use the stolen information and order items to inflate sales and write fake reviews of products. This happens often and if you or someone you know get unwanted packages then you should check your banking records and account information. After that you should alert the retailer and change your password immediately, more here.

Next, this is a phone scam that is going around East Lansing that have gotten a lot of complaints. This is the old "you have warrants for your arrest and to get out of it just give me gift cards" scams. I feel like I have warned many people about this and it is a lame scam that usually only works on a few people, but that is still bad. Please don't let this scam affect you or others because you should know that the police won't take gift card bribes to let you out of an arrest, nor will they call you about an arrest. If you get a call like this try and get the phone number of the scammer and call the police, more here.

Please as always protect yourself in the real world and online. If you haven't changed your password in a while on any online retailer now would be a good time.

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