I can NOT be the ONLY person who has wondered what a 'Planned Community' is. The area I grew up in must have either been an accident or, there was a plan but, no one told me about it.

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Some Michigan areas have ditched the 'Planned' title, and have opted for a 'Master Planned Community'. If you live in a neighborhood that has a master plan, and you're not in on it, I'd advise moving.

A Somewhat Well-Planned Look at Michigan's 'Planned Communities'

Cul-de-Sac Chronicles: What Are Michigan's Planned Communities?

So what do these signs mean and, what kind of plot is in place within these intentional towns? Planned communities are entire neighborhoods which meticulously plotted out on paper for optimal traffic flow, retail placement, and access to amenities BEFORE any construction takes place. These neighborhoods are so proud of this layout that they feel the need to tell you it was intentional, thus the 'Planned Community' sign.

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Think of a Planned Community as the Marie Kondo of places to live. They also more than likely come with a homeowners association and a couple of nosy neighbors judging you, your lawn, your livelihood, and your posture. These types of towns look great, but they lack the charm of the Unplanned Communities.

Michigan's Unplanned Wonders and Architectural 'Opes!'

Cul-de-Sac Chronicles: What Are Michigan's Planned Communities?

Driving to many of Michigan's small and medium-sized schools and attending various high school sports and events you find yourself in some very interesting towns. These little suburbs are gorgeous spots with great downtowns and support structures but, there is no easy way to get to them.

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Ask a soccer, hockey, track, basketball, speech, or band parent and there's at least one town they loathe traveling to. Not because of the people, but because it feels like a trip on the Oregon Trail every time that school's name pops up on your calendar. Plan, no plan, I don't care, just don't judge my hedges, or how long we leave the Christmas tree up.

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