I love my phone. Probably more than I should. I've missed moments I'll never get back, not for great reasons. I missed opportunities to connect with family, colleagues, and people who could have had a tremendous impact on my life. Why? I didn't want to miss an email, a post, or a chance to enter a nationwide event on whatever game had my attention. I've panicked when I can't find my phone, spending 5 minutes looking for it while telling my friend...WHO I AM TALKING TO ON MY PHONE...how 'frustrating it is when you can't find your phone!'.

Hi, I'm Scott, and I'm addicted to my phone. I...We are not alone. Reviews.org conducted a survey of adults in Michigan and throughout the United States asking if they were addicted to their phones. An overwhelming 56.9% said they were. That's over half! And that's just the people who are willing to admit it!

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The Numbers Don't Lie


Let's talk numbers, if you're from the Mitten State there's a 40% chance you're unable to tear yourself away from your phone for more than a few minutes. Oh, and don't think just because you're a Baby Boomer, you're exempt from this addiction. Nay nay! You're just as likely to be hooked as those darn Millennials. In fact, 46% of Boomers in Michigan reported feeling 'addicted' to their phones. Yikes!

Michigan residents check their phones, on average, 144 times per day. That adds up to around 4 hours and 25 minutes each day. Overall, the average American will spend over two months (65 days) on their phone this year.

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But let's not forget about the dangers of using a phone while driving. Michigan.gov provided insight in to just how big of an issue phone use, or distracted driving is in our state:

• There were 14,236 motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver in 2020, and 48 of those
crashes resulted in a fatality.
• There were 5,560 injuries and 52 distracted driving fatalities in 2020.
• The most common crash type for distracted driving crashes in 2020 was rear end, which
accounted for 44.7 percent of distracted driving crashes.
• In 2020, a total of 2,394 crashes occurred in Michigan where a motor vehicle driver was using a
cell phone. Fifteen of those crashes involved a fatality.
• A total of 2,397 motor vehicle drivers, 15 pedestrians, and 5 bicyclists were reported in 2020 to be using cell phones in 2,414 crashes.
• In 2020, of the 2,397 motor vehicle drivers using cell phones, 417 (17.4 percent) were 20 years
of age or younger.
• In 2020, there were 988 (40.9 percent) rear end crashes where a driver was using a cell phone

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In the Review.org survey, 41.20% of respondents admitted to using their phone while driving. That isn't the strangest place we use our phones in Michigan though.

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Ew. You Take Your Phone Where?


Here are some of Review.org's highlights for odd places and times people admit to using their phones:

  • 75% of Americans check their phones within five minutes of receiving a notification.
  • 75% use their phone on the toilet.
  • 69% have texted someone in the same room as them before.
  • 60% sleep with their phone at night
  • 57% consider themselves “addicted” to their phones
  • 55% say that they have never gone longer than 24 hours without their cell phone.
  • 47% of people say they feel a sense of panic or anxiety when their cell phone battery goes below 20%.
  • 46% use or look at their phone while on a date.
  • 27% use or look at their phone while driving.

One final statistic for you: 68% of Michiganders reported feeling anxious or stressed when separated from their phone.


Dear Phone, It's Not You, It's Me

Okay, let's be real here. We all love our phones. They're like our own little personal assistants, entertainers, and accountants all in one. But let's not forget they are also highly addictive. So, how do we break up with our phones (or at least take a break)? Step one: Admit we have a problem. Step two: Put down the phone. Step three: Look up and around...holy cow there's a whole world out here!

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