Have you, like millions of others, been craving, waiting, bidding your time, minding your p's and q's so that maybe, someday, someone would finally combine your favorite pop and ketchup? Your long wait is over, but you have only 1 day, and 1 location to sample it.

Who Should You Thank for Combining Pop and Ketchup?


According to Mashed.com, one cola has a built-in zest to complement ketchup's flavors:

As Pepsi drinkers know, this particular pop has a hint of citrus flavor, which could help enhance the sweetness of the ketchup and the savoriness of hotdogs. To make Colachup, experts boiled down Pepsi and added ingredients such as tomatoes, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, paprika, and onions. By comparison, many ketchups on the market use a slightly different list of spices that includes allspice, coriander, clove, garlic, and celery.

You may have been drinking Pepsi for years and never noticed the "hint of citrus flavor" Mashed.com mentions, but it makes you want to get a Pepsi and swish some pop around your mouth like a wine connoisseur to see if it is there doesn't it?

Where and When in Michigan Can You Try Pepsi's 'Colachup'?


There are just 4 cities across the United States that will serve up the questionable combination on July 4th:

  1. Bronx, New York
  2. Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  4. Detroit, Michigan

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Will random people be walking around these metro areas, wearing giant ketchup bottle costumes, and randomly handing out ketchup samples to unsuspecting pedestrians and motorists? Sadly no.

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You will have to attend a Tigers game at Comerica Park, or one of the other 3 ballparks (Chase Field, Target Field, and Yankee Stadium) on July 4 in order to test Colachup. There are no immediate plans to put culinary delight on grocery shelves as of yet, but one can hope someday a bottle of Colachup will be on every dining room table in Michigan and America.

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This does, however, beg the question: If Pepsi can combine pop and ketchup, why can't Mcdonald's fix their shake machine?

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