One of Michigan's most notorious crimes happened around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, where several students from Eastern Michigan and the University of Michigan were murdered. The murders took place from July 1967 to July 1969.

The man who was found guilty of these crimes, John Norman Collins, was given various nicknames by the media, such as "The Co-Ed Killer," "The Michigan Murderer," "The Ypsilanti Killer" and "The Ypsilanti Ripper." He is believed to have murdered at least seven girls - possibly others - all aged 21 or younger.

The site of one of these murders happened in Ypsilanti near the roads of Geddes & LeForge....actually, it's down LeForge, north of Geddes Rd. There was an old farmhouse at that location where the incident occurred --- it's said you can still see the silo --- and it's said that the ghost of the girl that was killed there haunts the land. Also, some say if you drive down the road, the trunk of your car will pop open by itself. Now, if you head north on LeForge, the silo is visible on the left side of the road; however, other sources say the old farmhouse & barn were a few more feet down the road on the right, behind an electrical tower, which is very visible so it's extremely easy to visit both sites.

Also on Geddes Road, there's another ghost that is said to walk the night. If you're going down that road at night, you may see a woman dressed in a nurse's uniform walking alongside the road. Once you pass her and you look through your rearview mirror, she has disappeared. The story goes that she was walking to work at the VA hospital when a man pulled up, murdered her and left her body there on the roadside. Was it perpetrated by the above-mentioned "Michigan Murderer" or is this a separate incident? We may never know.

At any rate, it's one of Michigan's most notorious haunted down this road late some night...



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