I have given Meijer a hard time all year. Their decision to eliminate most checkouts and corral us into self-checkout mills has sucked much of the joy of grocery shopping out of my life. That said I have somewhat embraced, and enjoyed, ordering online and having my groceries picked out and loaded for me.

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As much as I have taken every opportunity possible to complain about this, I have to give one supermarket a hearty nod of approval and my business this Thanksgiving.

Meijer Offers Michigan Throwback Savings From the 1930s For Thanksgiving


In a press release, the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based retailer announced it was offering Michigan a bit of a break this Thanksgiving. Meijer Poultry Buyer, Josh Potts, shared the news:

We know turkey prices are up significantly in a lot of places this year, but our highest priority is bringing value and quality to our customers this holiday season. We're working hard to keep prices low for our customers so they can enjoy this holiday staple with their family and friends.

Those are heartfelt words backed up by a truly generous offer. From now until November 25, you can buy a Meijer Brand frozen turkey for 59 cents a pound. That is about the same pricing customers paid in the 1930s according to Potts.


Meijer will certainly see a slew of Michiganders walking through their doors this season. The retailer expects to sell 1 million turkeys this holiday season, which is right around 520 truckloads.

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So, Meijer, we may not agree that people shouldn't have to pay to scan and bag their groceries, but I will happily tip my hat and thank you with my business. That's a significant savings at a time when a lot of folks can really use it. Now, which aisle is the Stove Top in?

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