How far back does Michigan's medical history go? As far back as there were people living in the Michigan territory. There were Native American medicine men, physicians in the northern French & British forts, and countless town doctors in lumber & mining towns throughout the state. For hundreds, maybe thousands of years there have always been doctors, medics, and practitioners.....even quacks, charlatans, medicine men, faith healers, elixir pitchmen, con artists, fakes & frauds. So it's almost impossible to pinpoint the very first example of Michigan's medical practice, whether faked or not.

It's widely believed that Michigan's “official” medical history began in 1817, when the University of Michigan was founded. In 1848 they launched their Medical Department, and the first med students began classes in 1850. In 1869, UM opened the first hospital in the United States to be run by a university.

It's interesting to see what the medical practice was like over 100 years ago.....and even more astonishing to see what it's become.

Take a look at a gallery of photos below, showing some old Michigan doctors, medicine men, hospitals, asylums, and more historic, unexpected – but cool - stuff!

PLUS: You can read about the murder case of Dr. MacGregor from the Michigan Thumb town of Ubly HERE.



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