A Detroit man says his Apple Watch saved his life when it told him to seek medical attention.

Roy Robinson said he felt fine. But the watch his son had given him indicated that he had atrial fibrillation and instructed him to seek medical attention.

"I've had 32 warnings since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving," Robinson tells WDIV. "We finished up our Thanksgiving dinner the next day -- gotta have your turkey -- and then my son says, 'You're going to the hospital.'"

Robinson was admitted to the hospital after an EKG confirmed that he was indeed in atrial fibrillation. Since AFib can lead to a stroke -- the condition that took his father -- Roy says the warning really hit home.

Now, he only removes the watch to charge it and says the hand-me-down is the greatest item he's ever gotten. His wife Dale Robinson says she intends to go out and buy Roy a new Apple Watch.

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