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I'm writing this article on the same day that the mega millions jackpot is up to $810 million with a cash option of around 470 million.

The date is July 26 and the drawing is tonight at 11 p.m. That's because if I win tonight's mega millions jackpot, this will be the last article I will ever write. Lol, like that would ever happen.

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Buying lottery tickets and playing lottery games happens to be big money when it comes to the Michigan Lottery. Even though I've never won any cash, I will continue playing, hoping, and praying that I'll hit the big lottery when the time comes.

I've been saying that for the last twenty years and I still haven't won a dime. However, a Detroit man who thought he only won $1,000 dollars, actually won a cool million as in $1 million dollars.

Are you familiar with the Michigan Lottery's Triple Million instant game? That's the game he was playing when he finally realized he had won a $1 million prize.

According to mlive.com:

“I play instant games all the time,” said the 25-year-old winner. “I scratched my Triple Million ticket and thought I’d won $1,000. I took the ticket back to the store I’d bought it at and had them check it. When the cashier told me it was a $1 million winner, I just stared in shock at my friend who was with me. I don’t have the words to describe the feeling that came over me!”

I love this story. Can you imagine how this Detroit man felt when he was literally told he was an instant millionaire? Personally speaking, I would have lost it.

I would have hugged everyone in the store and bought all of them a treat inside the store.

Again, right place, right time, instant millionaire! Our new Michigan millionaire is planning on buying a house when he gets everything organized after his big win!

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