Holiday shopping is already underway...
Do you know WHERE your money goes?
Do you ever WONDER where your money goes?
Do you even CARE where your money goes?

It all depends where you shop and what you buy. I'm all for keeping Michigan money IN Michigan. Why give our hard-earned dough to some other country.....or even another STATE for that matter?

I know it's almost impossible to buy EVERYTHING you need that's also Michigan-made...but at least there are plenty of Michigan Gift shops that feature Michigan-made products...may of them perfect for holiday gift-giving.

There are endless items for purchase that we all want and/or need, as well as unique items from all cultures. Michigan has an infinite supply of creative artists, craftspeople, builders, sculptors, culinary experts, inventors and many, many more.

If you wanna keep your money in Michigan - as do I - here is a website that lists many unique Michigan Gift Shops all throughout the state and even the U.P.....and some Michigan online gift-shopping is listed as well.

The main focus of these Michigan shops is centered on gifts & products specifically created and made in Michigan. Go directly to  and start planning a fun little Michigan roadtrip to do some Christmas/holiday shopping!

And many more! Click the links above and start planning your shopping roadtrip!


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