What happened to all the Lover's Lanes that were in Michigan? Do we still have any?

The term 'lover's lane' could be applied to any trail that was thru the woods or by a river, as long as it was secluded enough so couples could smooch - away from prying eyes and parents.

Lover's Lanes appeared to be well-publicized, with postcards and even some local maps pointing them out. Nowadays, I haven't seen or heard hide-nor-hair of one. In past years, it has been deemed dangerous for couples to walk alone down one of these trails, due to fear of muggers - or worse. Maybe that's why they're not publicized anymore? Does anyone know of any that are still recognized?

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It doesn't make sense to me, that the title "Lover's Lane" could be eradicated from a trail identification, but then that same trail could be given another name, such as "so-and-so memorial trail" or such-and-such county trail". It's the same trail, right? And couples still walk down 'em, correct? Bring back the "Lover's Lane" moniker.

The term does bring a certain image to mind - of a more innocent, romantic era where the girls carried parasols and the boys were dapper. Those have been replaced with ripped pants and tattoos. Take a look at the gallery below of some old Michigan Lover's Lanes, dating couples, and a few not-so-happy couples as well...

We still have lovers, couples, and daters who take walks down our thousands of Michigan Trails...but I would like to see the description "Lover's Lane" come back more often.

We need it.

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