Michigan’s longest chain of lakes and rivers is the Inland Waterway.

The Inland Waterway is a 38-mile trip that runs on rivers, streams, and lakes through Cheboygan and Emmet Counties. It also takes you six miles across Burt Lake.

This route was originally used by Native Americans in an attempt to avoid rough lake waters during heavy winds and storms. Many artifacts have been discovered in approximately fifty camps along the route that go back hundreds (some say thousands) of years.

Should you decide to sail these waters, small boats up to 65 feet long can make it through with little problem from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan.

Wanna fish? There are plenty of pike, trout, bass, and many other species throughout the route.

Begin your across-the-state boat trip at Little Traverse Bay. From there, you'll go through Spring Lake, Mud Lake, Round Lake, Crooked Lake, Hay Lake, Burt Lake, and Mullet Lake, as you continue upriver to Lake Huron.

Get yourself a canoe or kayak and try this sometime this summer…why not this weekend? Check out details on their website HERE.



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