According to the Lansing State Journal, at least for now, Michigan high schools will play out the fall sports season with no changes to account for the spread of COVID-19.

FYI-the MHSAA will have contingency concepts in place just in case the prep season cannot continue due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the contingency concepts include:

* "Delaying some or all fall sports practices or competitions"

* "If all fall sports are suspended, they will be rescheduled during an adjusted calendar that would see winter sports begin in November, followed by the fall and spring seasons extending into July 2021." (Lansing State Journal)

At least for now, high school football practices will begin Aug.10 and the other fall sports on Aug. 12.

MHSAA executive Director Mark Uyl said "our student athletes just want to play, and we've gone far too long without them playing. But doing so safely, remains the priority. Our plan moving forward is Fall in the Fall, starting on time." (LSJ)

Uyl also added that "we remain grateful to the Governor for the opportunity to build the schedule and policies for returning sports to schools. We will continue to support her directive and those of the state and local health departments as we work to create the safest environment for all involved in our activities." (LSJ)

The council will meet again on July 29. The MHSAA is building COVID-19 related guidelines for all fall sports for schools to follow.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how this all plays out. I'm very happy to hear that we will move forward with high school fall sports at least for the time being.

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