I think most people like to keep up with any new COVID-19 outbreaks, especially in any of our Michigan Schools.

The latest from Michigan health officials tells us that over 150 students and staff from several different Michigan schools have been infected with COVID-19.

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From mlive.com:

The largest new school outbreak involved 30 students and staff at Wylie Elementary School in Dexter. School officials closed the building for a day last week due to the rise in new COVID cases, though it took a week for the outbreaks to show up on the state’s report.

COVID-19 variants just seem to make their way to just about any location on any give map. All we can do to stay safe is continue masking up, and avoid large crowds, especially in COVID-19 hot zone areas.

My wife and I still worry about getting COVID-19 again, even though we've both had it once, and that was back in February. I even work with a few people who said they've been infected twice. So yes, it is possible.

Mlive.com also tells us:

Coronavirus outbreaks are defined by the state health department as three or more cases with a link by place and time indicating a shared exposure outside of a household. Schools can have a number of students and staff tested positive for COVID and not have an outbreak to report if those individuals aren’t epidemiologically linked.

New school COVID-10 outbreaks reported last week were in Traverse City, Dexter, Grayling High School in Crawford County, and Grand Rapids where eight students and staff members got sick at the North Park Montessori Academy.

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