I recently wrote a post about the best fall colors in Michigan and now I find that I can't stop myself from writing about this subject because there are so many beautiful places to check out.

Fall is now officially upon us and by mid to late October, we are all going to be amazed at such beauty when we gaze at all the majestic colors of Michigan.

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You actually have two choices when it comes to looking at fall colors:

1. You can look up the best spots in Michigan by googling the information.

2. You can just get in your car are start heading north.

I looked up several spots for beautiful fall colors and mlive.com tells us this:

Landslide Hill Scenic Overlook: Like Deadman's Hill, this stunning view in Mackinac State Forest also overlooks the Jordan River Valley and is about 20 minutes west of Gaylord. From Alba, take County Road 620 west for one mile, then turn north onto Landslide Road and follow it until it ends.

Another beautiful area for fall colors is Arcadia Overlook. The best part of this scenic view is beautiful Lake Michigan. Nothing brings fall colors together better than Lake Michigan and all the incredible fall colors.

Sugarloaf Mountain. I've been to Sugarloaf for plenty of skiing over the years, but nothing beats Sugarloaf Mountain when it comes to one of Michigan's most beautiful spots.

Lumberman's Monument. Here's a place I've never been to but according to mlive.com:

This stop along the lovely River Road National Scenic Byway 15 miles west of Oscoda is a two for one deal:; Beautiful views of the Au Sable River, plus a visitors' center where you can learn about the history of Michigan's lumber-boom era.

If you get the chance sometime in October, take a long drive all the way up to Traverse City because I will guarantee that you will see the most incredible fall colors.

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