There's a new structure adding to the largest city in Michigan's skyline and though it may be a while before you can drive under it on your way to Canada, it's a sight you'll want to take in soon. Construction on the Gordie Howe International Bridge towers, which already bear the weight of support cables for the bridge deck, has been completed, making them the tallest structures in Detroit, rivaling the Renaissance Center.

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With all the eyes looking up, it's easy to forget that the bridge itself is only part of the construction that has to happen for Michigan and Canada's newest international crossing, the Gordie Howe International Bridge, to open for traffic.

The Expected Completion Timeframe for Michigan's Gordie Howe Bridge

Building a bridge is great, but if there's no easy way to get to it to cross it, then what's the point? The US side has been working on adding bridges and exit ramps to existing roads as well as I-75. Similar work is taking place on the Canadian side of the crossing as well.

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Construction of the mega-structure is expected to wrap up "by the end of 2024", but don't expect to cross it until the summer. Signage, lighting, and other traffic safety measures will have to be installed before cars can make the international trip. That final portion should take roughly six months, pushing the opening to June 2024 if everything goes smoothly.

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The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority has opened observation decks on both sides of the structure. Next time you're in Detroit, take a moment a marvel at the ongoing work of nearly 2,300 hard-working Canadian and American teams.

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