Chances are if you're reading this you're either considering having a garage sale, have had a garage sale and lived to talk about it, or you are just trying to look like you're busy at work. Whatever brought you here, it's time to talk turkey about yard sale pricing.

Let's be blunt: You're getting rid of crap you don't want and would otherwise throw away. Did you dabble in guitar and wall climbing? Do you have a unicycle? A tub of scrapbooking supplies you'll someday use? What about the set of golf clubs you purchased before you realized golf hated you? Have some fun with it, throw all of it on the same table with a big sign that reads: "Your Next Failed Hobby". It's time to purge. Oh! And make some cash while you're doing it.

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The first thing to remember about pricing things to sell at a garage sale is to remember it's a garage sale. Your front lawn or carport doesn't double as a boutique or electronics store. People don't come to garage sales looking for high fashion and the latest technology. Most people come to your sale just to snob around your place.

So, we are pricing things to sell. Everything that doesn't sell can be donated to any number of charities or to a landfill. The amount you're asking should reflect that. This is all about volume.

The Best Pricing For Volume Sales at a Michigan Garage Sale

The house is clean, but now your yard and or driveway have been taken over by people who want to look through your stuff. Garage sales can be painful, so here's the best pricing, according to Ramsey Solutions. That's right, Dave Ramsey. If you know him, you know the guy likes to save, and make money.

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