Michigan has a slew of natural wonders that bring tourists and revenue from across the country and around the world. Our state is a destination for those looking to get closer to the water and woods, and shedding their city lives for a few days in the Great Lakes State.

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However, if you are a Michigan native and you crave a slice of Europe on a Detroit budget, then put your passport away (that's not your best picture anyway), load up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, and set your GPS for any of these 3 Michigan destinations.

Aside from the cost of gas, you'll want to bring a little extra cash for these trips. After all, think of all the money you're saving on airfare and pricey airport cashews.

Bring Your Lederhosen and a Big Appetite When Visiting Frankenmuth, Michigan


Billed as Michigan's Little Bavaria, Frankenmuth truly transports you into a picturesque, albeit water-downed, version of Germany. Though known to many as the home to Bronner's, there are others who visit this city for its chicken and overseas fell.

For a more picturesque description, cue up Tim Allen's voice and read what Pure Michigan has to say about Frankenmuth:

Built on tradition. Made for memories. In Frankenmuth, that's not an expression, it's a promise. A promise to welcome visitors with Bavarian hospitality regardless of the season. With year-round festival fun and bucket-list bars and restaurants, Frankenmuth's Bavarian magic is always in season.

There's a significant amount of Michiganders who don't consider it to be the Holidays without a trip to Frankenmuth, a trait it shares with its sister city. It just isn't Christmas in Germany with a trip to Bavaria.

Get Fitted for Wooden Shoes and Take in the Tulips in Holland, Michigan


Michigan's version of the Netherlands will take you out of Michigan and into the land of the Dutch. If spring and summer are more to your taste, then don't miss Holland's annual Tulip Time Festival.

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If the colder months are more appealing be sure to attend the Dutch Winterfest, which features a taste of the Holidays in the Netherlands.

Of course, many visitors to Holland are fans of windmills, flowers, and flowing dresses. Just search Holland, Michigan on Instagram for a slew of examples. Here's how Pure Michigan sums up the Mitten's Dutch city:


Throughout the history of Holland, the city's Dutch heritage has been preserved and celebrated. You'll have an opportunity for a true Dutch experience in the spring as millions of tulips bloom throughout the city.

I didn't even need to tell you to cue up Tim Allen that time, did I? You even heard the piano music.

It's Tea Time All the Time on Michigan's Mackinac Island


Mackinac Island isn't only similar to a trip to Europe, it's like traveling back in time. With a fog bank rolling in and the clip-clop of hooves, you're transported to Victorian England.

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The incredibly well-preserved architecture aids in immersing yourself in an era without the internal combustion engine. It's no wonder Hollywood turned to Mackinac Island when looking for the perfect Victorian / American backdrop for the film "Somewhere in Time".

Have your inner Tim Allen ready? Here's Pure Michigan on Mackinac Island:


For centuries, visitors have found this national landmark to be the ideal vacation spot. No cars. No chain hotels. Just world-famous Mackinac Island Fudgehistoric Fort Mackinac, unique shopping and diverse dining. Unforgettable sunsets, awe-inspiring sunrises and over 70 miles of hiking and biking trails befit our ranking as the #1 Island in the Continental U.S. as named by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

There you have it. Not 1, not 2, but 3 Michigan destinations you can visit any time of the year to pacify your European travel needs.

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