We may be the home to the Motor City but, all roads that lead there are riddled with potholes, turkey vultures, black ice, regular turkeys, drifting snow, deer -- basically Frogger's worst nightmare.

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It's one thing to break down on I-94, I-75, or I-96 but, what about Michigan's backroads? Have you been to the Upper Peninsula? You can travel for miles without seeing a soul, let alone another driver, and that's on US 2 and M 28. If you deviate from either of those routes for too long there is a lot of ground to cover to find help.

How to Best Prepare for the Worst, According to the State of Michigan

The UP isn't alone in having isolated roads. We trolls have a slew of long stretches between humanity as well, so being prepared for the worst is a pretty good idea.

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But since the weather in Michigan includes snowstorms in May and 71-degree days in January, it's hard to plan for everything our fine state can throw at you.

A Michigan 'In Case of Emergency' Car Kit for All Seasons


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