So, how many drive-in movie theaters ARE there in Michigan?

According to Pure Michigan, unfortunately, only seven...but the good news is there soon may be eight.

The newest one will be in Monroe, and called the "Starlite Drive-In Experience"...not theater, but experience.

It will have the largest outdoor movie screen in Michigan, and will be Michigan's first digitally-projected outdoor experience with laser projection technology.

However, it's not quite a done deal yet. The township has to approve the proposal; and if it's accepted, the theater - excuse me...experience...will be ready to open next year.

Okay, so where are the other Michigan drive-ins? Huh? Where are they? What are they? According to Pure Michigan, they are:

CARSONVILLE - Hi-Way Drive-in
COLDWATER - Capri Drive-in
DEARBORN - Ford-Wyoming Drive-in
DOWAGIAC - 5-Mile Drive-in
FLINT - US-23 Drive-in
HONOR - Cherry Bowl Drive-in
MUSKEGON - Getty 4 Drive-in

Click any of the above links to check out each separate drive-in.

Now, how about the old Mid-Michigan area Drive-in Theaters?

Every so often I hear someone reminiscing and wishing there were still drive-in movie theaters in Mid-Michigan. Yeah, I'm one of 'em.

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If you were growing up in the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's, you more than likely frequented the drive-ins. The in-car speakers were tinny & scratchy, the movie was fuzzy, the concession stand burgers were overcooked, the popcorn was greasy, the pop had too much ice, pizza was like biting into cardboard, the hot dogs were wrinkled and other people's headlights would blind you.

But we loved it, didn't we? This was one of our simple pleasures we took for granted. It's a shame today's generation can't get those same youthful drive-in experiences. Well, they can, but they'd have to drive quite a ways to get to the nearest drive-in theater.

Below are a few photos of some old abandoned drive-in theaters in the Lansing/Jackson/Mid-Michigan area.


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