How is this possible? The state is literally broken in two parts, surrounded by water on three sides, and yet... the county with the most shoreline is an inland county?

Well, math isn't exactly my strong suit, but we're gonna look at some numbers and see how this is real life.

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In total, the State of Michigan has a TOTAL shoreline of 29,470.57 miles, but interestingly enough, only about 3,641 miles are on any of the four Great Lakes - Superior, Huron, Michigan, Eerie - that touch Michigan.

And yes, this includes the U.P.

That leaves 25,829.48 miles of shoreline in Michigan exclusively dedicated to inland lakes. So not only is Michigan the Land of the Great Lakes.... it's just "Land of the Lakes" in general!

Once you have that knowledge, it makes sense that an inland county could have the most shoreline, and that county is... Oakland County.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Part of the northwest Detroit metroplex, Oakland County has 1,329.80 miles of shoreline, almost 200 miles more than the next county - Marquette - which IS on Lake Superior in the U.P.

Oakland County has 387 individual lakes, and 317 of them are named. There are still 70, though, that are unnamed! So basically, there are SO MANY LAKES in Oakland County, they can't even come up with enough names for all of them.

In fact, two lakes were named THE SAME - Dark Lake(s) - which are both in the Independence Township, but definitely two different bodies of water.

So if you need a good Michigan trivia question this week, there ya go. Oakland County, Michigan has the most shoreline of any county in Michigan... and it's inland.

NOTE: There IS a difference between "shoreline" and "coastline," as a shoreline is the specific measurement at the point land meets the sea, or any major body of water. A Coastline is not as technically specific, but similar.

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