Who can accurately say when the custom of wearing clothes began? Speculations are always out there: Adam wore a fig leaf, cavemen wore animal fur, other prehistoric people would wrap a bush around 'em...who really knows?

Not me, that's for sure...but the history of clothing is NOT what this article is about. It's merely a reason to show you a photo gallery of old Michigan clothing stores, clothiers, and millineries.

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Sure, there are plenty of clothing shops to visit in the 2000s, but well over 100 years ago, these stores had more fanfare. The women's shops and millineries would promote little parties and send flyers out to prospective attendees. Beverages would include tea, sarsaparilla, carbonated water, etc. Finger foods and hors d'oeuvres on hand would include lady fingers, crumpets, canapes, cheeses, one-bite mini sandwiches, and cookies. Sometimes a fashion show would follow, or a carefully displayed array of the latest gaudy hats.

Wait.....that hasn't changed that much, has it?

Sure, the parties continue into the 2000s, but there was a unique elegance about the ladies' functions & luncheons from over 100 years ago. The mens' shops were more like "gab, grab, and go", minus the parties and luncheons.

Take a gander at over 30 photos of some old Michigan clothing stores and millinery shops from 1900-1917 (and one from 1948)!



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