Kyle Bailey, a pastor in Genesee County is on a mission to help create a shelter for the homeless by starting a church on wheels.

He got the idea from the executive director for The Source, Anthony Zorbaugh. The Source is a Christian outreach ministry in Florida that created the Dignity Bus. It's a 45- foot long overnight emergency shelter that sleeps twenty individuals.

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Zorbaugh told MLive that he came up with the idea because “Affordable housing where we’re at in South Florida is just nonexistent.”

Kyle Bailey and his family moved to Michigan from Florida in 2020. Bailey is the senior pastor of Centerpoint Church and before leaving Florida sat on the board for The Source.

Zorbaugh visited the church a month ago and gave a presentation about the Dignity Bus and how it operates. After holding a blanket drive through the winter at the church because warming centers were under COVID-19 restrictions, Bailey believes this would be a great addition to the Flint area.

It’s just not acceptable for us. We really want to see more and more solutions provided to meet that basic human need.

Bailey says the bus is also smart from an economic stand point. In order to transform the bus it would cost around $80,000. Housing for individuals experiencing homelessness is typically around a couple hundred thousand dollars. In a world where we have so much to worry about, Bailey tells MLive that a safe place to sleep shouldn't be one of them.

A safe place for someone to sleep at night - when you look at the hierarchy of human needs, I mean, having a place to sleep is at the very basic level and we just want to make that available to people.

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