Buried deep in the heartwarming story about a suburban Detroit teen who won an essay contest about her cat is the fact that her cat likes to swim. But does it?

Let's start with the great part of this story which is 13-year old Sidney Hertzberg's heartwarming essay about her relationship with her service cat, Mr. Mittens.

Sidney told of Mr. Mittens helping her cope with an illness she has called POTS, which causes her pain, dizziness and fatigue. The essay won a national contest sponsored by Petco, and the grand prize was $50,000.

Sidney donated ALL of the cash to the local pet shelter in her hometown of Ferndale, near Detroit. It's a beautiful story that garnered national attention.

But when describing Mr. Mittens, Sidney revealed that her special cat is very active and loves to do stuff like climb, hike and swim.

Wait. WHAT!?

Yup. Mr. Mittens swims in Sidney's bathtub, with a little life vest. As to whether he actually enjoys it is up to you.

Here's a video from Mr. Mittens Instagram page. (Yup, we live in an age where pets get WAY more followers than celebrities and politicians, but that's on them for not posting more swimming videos.)

So you tell me, is Mr. Mittens enjoying his swim? It's astounding that he has the wherewithal to remain calm, but "enjoy" may ne a relative term.

Anyway, congrats to Sidney, Mr. Mittens and the Ferndale Cat Shelter for their big win!

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