When most of us hear the word 'blacksmith' we think of the ones from the 1800s, early 1900s, or the Old West.

These are the "smithies" that we came to know from watching TV westerns and cowboy movies. But blacksmiths have been around for thousands of years, recorded as going even farther back than when the Book of Genesis was written.

We've seen the scenes where a blacksmith uses a huge bellows to stoke the fire, take out a piece of iron, place it on an anvil with tongs, and whack it into shape with his hammer.....right? But this isn't about the history of blacksmiths. For that, you can click HERE.

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No, this is intended as a photo gallery of a few old Michigan blacksmith shops. Some of these old buildings are still around, some still empty, some demolished, some turned into another business or home.

Take a look below at a few old Michigan blacksmiths!



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