Grab your winter hats, Michigan, because Mother Nature is showing just how quickly we can go from one extreme to the other. October in the Mitten is primetime for unexpected temperature swings, torrential downpours, record heat, and, last but certainly not least, snow.

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I don't know about you but, I prefer my snowfalls to take place well into November. As far as I'm concerned, it can snow from December 24th through January 1st, period. After that, let's break out the sunblock and get back onto the water and golf course.

Michigan Mother Nature's Biggest, and Deepest, October Surprise


Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the beautiful contrast the pure white snow provides the autumn leaves. That said if there is snow on the ground and leaves still on the trees, then Winter is way too early to the party, and one needs to learn some manners.

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Michigan isn't a stranger to snowfall in October but, a significant accumulation of the white stuff is pretty rare. I can remember plenty of Halloweens where flakes were falling and the kids' costumes were covered up by winter coats.

According to, Michigan's largest ever fall snowstorm took place not too long ago:

Michigan experienced its biggest October snowstorm over the 17th and 18th of 2022. The two-day lake-effect-aided storm dumped 18.1 inches of snow along the corridor from Negaunee to Marquette, breaking the state’s previous October two-day snowfall record of 13 inches, set in 2002. Though there were reports of higher snowfall totals in the Upper Peninsula, Marquette is the official climate site for the UP. Official climate sites are the only sites eligible to establish record events for the NWS.

In typical Michigan fashion, despite the dumping of snow just a few days prior, by the 21st temperatures in the Upper Peninsula had crept back into the 60s. Of course, the storm did cause over 300,000 people to lose power and the waters of Lake Superior were extremely rough for several days following the storm.

Vintage Michigan Winters

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