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One of the many occurrences that have made 2020, arguably, one of the most unique years of this or the last century is the controversy over the confederate flag.  I agree with those who want the symbol removed from our lives for all the same reasons including the fact that the confederacy fought and lost so you don't get to keep anything including your flag.

Nevertheless, there are still 2 sides to this controversy and surprisingly the latest uproar came from the anti-flag group that, from my point of view, invoked the cancel culture.  Once again it's the "count to ten before you send" swing and a miss.

There's a place in St. Johns, MI called The Nordic Pineapple Bed & Breakfast that not only flew the American flag but also the Norwegian flag.  Ya know, cuz it's the "Nordic" Pineapple B&B and they're Norwegian.  Owners Greg and Kjersten Offenecker were surprised that more than a few people thought the Norwegian flag was the confederate flag.

Now, I could see if they were British and were flying the Union Jack that some people might get confused.  Nope!  Greg and Kjersten have received over a dozen hateful emails and twice as many comments about the Norwegian flag.

Greg, by the way, is a Navy vet who served in Desert Storm and is dumbfounded that the 2 could be confused.  Kjersten had to post on Facebook that the change was necessary because of the "current cultural climate".

Just when you think you've heard it all...

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