Holy Guano, Batman…

Yes, it’s true. There are many known and unknown caves and buildings in Michigan that are home to bats, but this particular bat cave welcomes visitors to stop by and view all the bats that fly in and out of their cave! Just how many bats? OVER A MILLION.

It’s the Millie Mine Bat Cave near Iron Mountain in the Upper Peninsula.

This bat cave is one of the largest bat-breeding colonies in North America. It’s an old abandoned iron mine shaft where these bats breed and hibernate. The shaft is surrounded by a steel gate & fence so nobody can adventure too close and fall in. There are benches around the fence where visitors can sit and wait for the bats to come flying out. Best times to see the bats are spring (April & May) and fall (September/October) at dusk but curiosity-seekers can visit any time of year.

Looking for something different in Michigan? This can fill the bill. Pay a visit this year! The Millie Mine Bat Cave is an Official Michigan Wildlife Viewing Area.

Located on Millie Hill Bat Cave Road, off Park Avenue, north of East A Street in Iron Mountain.


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