"Here, chick-chick-chick"!
The call for the fowl to come and git it...

If you grew up on a farm, you know the appeal.
If you visited a relative that owned a farm, it was always fun.
I always enjoyed visiting my uncle's farm, where my cousins and I would feed the chickens, pigs, horses...and just have a great time horsin' around the barnyard.

As an adult, it's mesmerizing to just watch the animals living their lives, taking care of their broods, and having their squabbles. A visit to a barnyard should happen to everyone...especially those who have never been to or seen one.

The gallery below shows thirty images of some of Michigan's old barnyards and farmyards, with plenty of animals, farm families, and properties. Taking a child to a good, old-fashioned barnyard would be a real eye-opener.

Michigan's Barnyards & Farmyards


The Oldest Farm in Michigan

Abandoned Farmhouse & Barn in Northern Michigan

Michigan Farmers

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