Plenty of people are using this extra time at home to get crafty.

A friend of mine is using it to jump head-first into using a Cricut to make all sorts of vinyl projects.

Now, the Ann Arbor Art Center has developed the 'ArtBox' set of supplies to help foster creativity while people can't physically make it to the center.

As MLive reports, Ann Arbor Public Schools hopped on to help with the project to sell and donate the boxes.

“We thought we could partner with the school systems and we can get these tools into kids’ hands who don’t necessarily have access to these supplies, said Marie Klopf, president and CEO of the Art Center. "But it expanded beyond that.”

Community Action Network also partnered with the art center to be able to get ArtBox out to people who are using the service for food distribution and pickup.

The box, which you can purchase on the Ann Arbor Art Center's website, includes supplies ranging from watercolor paints, to sidewalk chalk, to simple glue sticks, scissors, crayons and more.

You can purchase the boxes, choose to donate one and even hop on the art center's website each Tuesday for new projects people can follow along with using the art supplies in the box.

While some search for more ways to keep the kiddos entertained while they can not be in school.

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