Does anyone take advantage of April Fool’s Day anymore? Is there anyone out there who relishes for that one day where you believe you can get away with any prank you want?

Many April Fool’s Day jokes have been so extreme people got hurt…obviously not good for the recipient or for the clown who pulled it. The victim gets hurt, the culprit gets sued. Not good.

On the other hand, the majority of April Fool’s Day pranks are harmless; just little white lies that are told to confuse the victim rather than get hurt…and you get a good laugh in the process.

While April Fool’s Day is a nationally recognized day, there are some pranks that are specifically Michigan-based that have gone down as the top ones in the state. So, according to here they are:

Michigan's Top April Fool's Day Pranks

What did the article miss? Can you think of any others that should be on the list?

So enjoy your jokes, pranks, gags, tomfoolery, monkeyshines, hijinks, tricks, antics, and shenanigans…..but remember, the joke you pull today can come back and bite you in the butt tomorrow.

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