I'm certain you've heard of CarFax, with the little cartoon that hasn't worked since Paula Abdul was dabbling with animation. The service, and others like it, let you look at a cars history: has it been in an accident, was it involved in a cult, was there ever a body in the trunk...stuff like that.

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Finally! A Way to See What Your Michigan Land Looked Like in the Jurassic Period

Well now thanks to advanced technology, you can make sure you know everything about the history of your home. The fine people at DinosaurPictures.org have finally come through with a way to ensure that your purchase disclosure is accurate, right down to where your land was up to 750 million years ago!

Finally, you'll be able to know whether or not a Mastodon once roomed your property or if a Tyranasourus once grew up near your toolshed. What about flood history? Sure there's been no flooding reported on the disclosure agreement, but what about 20, 50, or even 250 million years ago? Chances are you're being deceived! Your property was once DEEP underwater!

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Please don't take my word for it though. Take a look for yourself, you will clearly see that at one point there may have been a giant aquatic scorpion where your dishwasher is. Did the seller report that? No. No, they did not.

Michigan's Last 749 Million Years in Pictures

This is Cool! See Your Michigan Home 750 Million Years Ago

What did Michigan look like 120, 170, 300 million years ago? See what the Mitten State looked like when dinosaurs roamed the United States. Watch Michigan evolve over 750 million years in pictures.

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