Do you look before you sit? I do every, single time. Have I ever found a critter lurking under the lid? Nope, not once. Why do I look?

Maybe when you saw your first 'Critter in the Toilet' story you dismissed it. I however am DEATHLY AFRAID OF SNAKES. So, with that fear in mind, I did my research, and YES, critters can crawl UP your pipes and into your bowl.

5 Critters in Michigan That Can Crawl Up Your Pipes and Into Your Toilet Bowl

Animals and humans aren't all that different. We are both always on the lookout for food but, critters can't stroll to the fridge, so they tend to go where the food supply is. For some animals, the sewer is a great place to find a snack and, your drainpipe can be an easy detour.

Slithering Up Your Pipes in Michigan

Before we get into how these nope ropes get into your home, look at the confidence the person in the above video has not only grabbing a snake but, doing a five-finger, bare-handed asp removal from toilet water. Incredible. But yeah, snakes.

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Why did it have to be snakes? You already know they're great swimmers and don't have any issues with tight spaces. They slither where their food goes and one of their favorite entrees is next on our list.

Low Down Dirty, Breath Holding, Pipe Swimming, Michigan Rats and Mice

Have you ever wondered if there are lengths even a rat wouldn't go to for food? Well crawling up a sewer pipe and holding its breath isn't a big task for an animal that can swim for up to 3 days.

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Vermin are constantly on the lookout for a warm habitat that provides food and shelter, and the rat along with its smaller cousin the mouse, finds your home a welcome respite from the harsh reality of Michigan winters.

The Lengths Lizards Will Go to Find a Meal in Michigan

Not sure what's more disturbing here, the lizard or the apparent lack of a toilet brush and cleaner, but...

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While lizards aren't a common site in the Mitten, they do live here and will chase an occasional bug into the sewer and into your bathroom. While this is more common for Michigan Snowbirds, it can and does happen here.

Crawling Up Your Sewer Pipes Doesn't Bug Michigan Insects


I think out of all the previous entries on this list, insects are the least surprising. Considering many of Michigan's bugs spend their larval stage in stagnant water, it's not that big of a stretch that they'd be willing to take a brown water dive into your bathroom.

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There are a few different species that will make the journey, but roaches and drain flies are the 2 top suspects.

How High Would You Leap if You Found a Frog Toilet in Michigan

When you consider that frogs and toads are attracted to pool drains around the state, it's no surprise that these insect-seeking hoppers would chase a roach into your toilet seat. You may have a toilet toad right now. As you can see in the above video, they are able to suction out of sight.

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There you have it, 5 Michigan critters that could join you in the restroom. Will you check before you sit now? I would.

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