Let me start by saying: If your name is Karen and you're here reading this, I apologize. In recent years, the term 'Karen' has evolved to personify an individual who finds fault in nearly every action others take but takes ZERO ownership of their shortcomings, thus making life for those who live, work, and associate with them incredibly challenging. Some Michigan cities have a reputation for attracting more 'Karens' than others, making these areas customer service representatives avoid like the plague.

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Being named Karen doesn't automatically mean you are a 'Karen', but if you are the first to ask for a manager when faced with a minor inconvenience or take a tape measure to someone's lawn to see if it meets your HOA standards, you may have 'Karen'-esque tendencies.

Michigan 'Karens' Come in All Shapes, Sizes, and Sexes

The Top 10 'Karen' Capitals of Michigan

If your life's goal is to make life difficult for your friends, family, and neighbors, then becoming one of Michigan's 'Karens' may be right for you. Here are a couple of questions to determine if you have the potential to be the next 'Karen.'

  • It's trash day, and your neighbor's garbage can is slightly over on your grass. Do you:
    • a. Move it over slightly
    • b. Do nothing
    • c. Call the HOA and lodge a complaint
  • Your server forgot to bring your drink. Do you:
    • a. Wait for her to stop by and politely remind her
    • b. Do nothing
    • c. Ask to speak with the manager, demand an apology, and a free meal
  • Your doctor's office is backed up, and you've had to wait in the lobby. Do you:
    • a. Silently wait to be called back to a smaller waiting room
    • b. Do nothing
    • c. Go to the receptionist and complain, as loudly as possible, repeating, "Do you KNOW who I am?"
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If you answered A or B to all of the above you're not showing any signs of 'Karen' behavior. If you answered C to all without hesitation, and you're from Michigan, chances are you live in one of these ten towns.

The Top 10 'Karen' Capitals of Michigan

Some towns have all the luck, while others get all the 'Karens.' Whether you're heading to the beach, a game, a day at the museum, or even a walk through the park, you're bound to encounter a Michigan 'Karen' in the wild, complaining about how there is too much sand on the beach, too many people in her town, or someone parking near their home. Here's a list of Mitten towns where you're most likely to encounter a complaint (they'll want to see a manager) as we count down The Top 10 'Karen' Capitals of Michigan.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

The 10 Snobbiest Cities in Michigan

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