Let's face it, we've all had a day when you just can't 'adult'. Sometimes your body gets slapped around by Michigan's weather and your sinuses turn into a waterpark. Other times you NEED to take a break or, you may make yourself sick.

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According to a recent survey of 1,000 business bigwigs, commissioned by AXA PPP Healthcare and reported on by Readers Digest, if you do decide to call the boss and tell them you won't be in, what conditions do most higher-ups consider "serious enough" ailments or reasons for calling in?

Why 'Sorry Boss, I Have a Headache' Doesn't Work As a 'Call-In' in Michigan


So what 'call in' excuses are most likely to get approved? Here's the list and the percentage chance it will fly according to Readers Digest:

  1. Flu: 41.6%
  2. Back Pain: 38.5%
  3. Injury caused by an accident: 38.2%
  4. Stress: 34.5%
  5. Elective surgery: 35.2%
  6. Depression: 34.5%
  7. Anxiety: 25.4%
  8. Common cold: 23.8%
  9. Migraine: 21.7%
  10. None of the above: 7.7%

You read that right, the common cold and migraines get the least sympathy and rank as 2 of the worst excuses used for a sick day. Maybe Michiganders should stop using them so often!

The Most Common 'Ailments' Lie About Having When They Call In


Gotta love looking at both sides of the coin! Now that you know what kind of call-ins work, let's look at the most common ailments Michiganders are most likely to fib about having to get a day off:

  1. Anxiety: 41.5%
  2. Depression: 39.6%
  3. Stress: 37.7%
  4. Common Cold: 22%
  5. Migraine: 12.3%
  6. Elective surgery: 9.9%
  7. Flu: 7.2%
  8. Back pain: 7.2%
  9. Injury caused by accident: 5.5%

Why all the lies, even if we are feeling legitimately sick and SHOULDN'T be concerned about missing work? According to research, Michiganders fear harsh judgment, disbelief, or the 'wrath' of their supervisors. Think of it this way, your company provides sick or personal time off as part of your compensation, so use it. And if the boss says no to your sick day, go sneeze on his stapler.

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