Sometimes you just have to shake your head and try to understand what is going on when you find out that Menards has been accused of price gouging.

According to USA Today, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has accused home improvement chain Menards of price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nessel said that she sent a cease and desist letter to the retailer with the accusation.

Her office received 18 complaints from consumers about face masks, bleach and other products being sold at excessive prices at Menards.

In some cases, the company is alleged to have sold the products at double normal prices.

Menards did not respond to a phone message seeking comment from the USA Today Network's Detroit Free Press.

My mom shops at Menards all of the time and I've never heard her complain about price gouging or for that matter, any other issues of any kind.

So apparently, Menards has 10 days to respond to the cease and desist letter or face potential legal action.

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