According to the Lansing State Journal:

McLaren Greater Lansing's vision for a state of the art facility will come to fruition in less than a year.

I can't tell you how many times I've been driving on US-127 and looked over to see the new McClaren building being built. Their new healthcare campus is state of the art and will be opening soon in South Lansing.

Everyone knows all about McLaren Greater Lansing and everything they have to offer in healthcare and so much more.

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The Lansing State Journal also tells us:

That's because, after months of incredible work, crews are putting the finishing touches on the outside portion of the 240 bed hospital and are now turning their attention to completing the spaces that will usher in a new era of health care inside the 500,000 foot facility.

This is something special we can all look forward to in less than a year.  I went to a McLaren facility about ten years ago to have knee surgery done and I was extremely pleased with their professionalism and care.

The Lansing State Journal states in less than a year,

McLaren Greater Lansing will see their first patients in the $600 million comprehensive health care campus.  In addition to the hospital, the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Greater Lansing and McLaren's health and wellness pavilion will offer a wide array of outpatient care services, including innovative urgent care for patients fighting cancer.

McLaren have been excited about this project for quite some time now, and in less than a year, McLaren's new medical facility will be open to the public.

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